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Sandringham Lodge, Unknown Soldier- 2nd April 2015


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Ballan Autumn Festival- 22nd March

This event is always interesting, with the crowd and the stallholders right up against the parade route.

There were several new members who brought their horses along for their first parade, and they and their horses did fantastically well. Once again the Troop both led and finished the parade (we went around the route twice) and we were very well received by the spectators.



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Military Heritage Weekend, Seymour- 14th March 2015

G. Chandler, A. Chandler, J. Koene, M. Whitehead, M. Campbell, M. Leggitt, B. Heaphy, Greta, D. Rees, B. Rees, T. Rogan, L. Rogan, C. Day, K. Day, F. Threlfall, G. Threlfall, D. MacGuire, D. Hutchinson, L. Freeman, B. McClean, J. Kilbourne, J. Howley attended.

Led by a very impressive police escort, the Troop rode through the streets of the town and then formed up in Troop Line at Kings Park. After photos were taken the Troop did some drill work around the grounds and then broke up into smaller groups to ride around and talk to members of the public or participate in a Skill At Arms Display.

Sadly, the public turnout was rather less than in previous years but it was still a good experience for the horses. In the evening Troop members either braved the wasps to sit around the “camp”, or watched Beneath Hill 60 at the Outdoor (moved Indoor after fierce winds blew down the screen) Cinema.

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Opening of ANZAC Memorial, Emerald- 11th March 2015

M. Whiteheadand D. Hutchinson attended the opening of the new ANZAC Walk by Sir. Peter Cosgrove. It was a big affair with thousands of people, many of whom were in period costume (including the AGWA folk), Puffing Billy, flyovers by the Roulettes and a restored Mustang Fighter.


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Avalon Air Show, 27th February to 1st March 2015

M. Poutney, B,. McClean, M. Whitehead, M. Campbell, L Freeman, D. McGuire, L. Coleman, C. Coleman, F. Threlfall.

The Troop attended unmounted to support AGWA. It was a really well run event and the participants really enjoyed themselves with lots of things going on. Of particular amusement were the re-spawning Turks. There were blood capsules to make injuries look more realistic and stretcher bearers carried casualties to ‘Lemnos’ where they were cared for by nurses.

The Vickers machine gun was also a real thrill for those who got to fire it and the flyover by WW1 aircraft added to the realism. There was really good public feedback and the Troop members fitted in really well with the AGWA people. (photos by Lisa Coleman).


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National Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Festival, Werribbe, 21-22nd February

G. Chandler, A. Chandler, M. Whitehead, D. Hutchinson, B. Heaphy, Greta, D. Rees, C. Fawcett, D. Azzopardi, T. Rogan, L. Rogan, J. Koene, M. Campbell, A. Waldie, L. Freeman, L. Koene, L. Coleman, G. Coleman, F. Threlfall, G. Threlfall and Liam made the trip down to Werribee for the Heavy Horse Festival.

The Troop rode around in half sections and Alex did a tent pegging display. Once again we were very well received.


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Yaloak Polo Club, 15th February 2015

G. Chander, A. Chandler, B. McClean, M. Campbell, C. Day, K. Day, B. Heaphy, R. Webber, N. Shanahan, J. Koene, T. Rogan, A. Stewart, D. Hutchinson, M. Pountney, F. Threlfall, G. Threlfall, Liam, D. Rees, B. Rees, M. Koene, D. Manning, L. Coleman, G. Coleman, and L. Rogan all attended on a VERY hot day indeed.

The Troop formed up into half sections and paraded around the perimeter of the polo field and then formed Troop line in front of the marquees. The people there were very receptive and passing the hat around was also lucrative!

In addition Dave Reeds brought along his Light Horse collection and put up a very good static display/information booth.  (photos by Lisa Coleman)



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Australia Day Parade, Melbourne, 25th January

R. Webber, C. Day, K. Day, A. Chandler, L. Maddin, J. Koene, T. Rogan, L. Rogan, M. Whitehead, B. Heaphy, Greta, K. Smith, A. Waldie, L. Haughie, M. Leggitt, B. McClean, J. Howley, D. Azzopardi, J. Maddin, N. Shanahan, D. Hutchinson, D. Manning, C. Fawcett, L. Koene, E. Koene, M. Koene, A. Stewart, M. Poutney, N. Decker, G.Threlfall, D. McGuire and our AGWA  Colleagues  all  participated  in  a  parade  down  Swanston  Street.

The  Troop  rode  out  from  the  Girls  School  and  mustered up the side of Little Collins Street. We then rode down Swanston Street and St. Kilda road to the Shire in front of THOUSANDS of people.

The atmosphere was incredible and the riders, marchers, horse?handlers and poop?picker?uppers did a great job!

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Michael & Winifred honour 3rd Lighthorse

January, 1915, the 3rd Light Horse Brigade paraded through the streets of Melbourne. See a clip of the historical footage on YouTube.

100 years later, Michael Whitehead, part of the Creswick Light Horse Troop, re-enacted the route the brigade took on his own horse, Winifred, in honour of the men and their horses who served so long ago. Michael started his journey at 11am at the end of Spencer street and made his way up to Collins St and then on to ANZAC house.



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Our thanks to Harness Racing Victoria

With the assistance of a grant from Harness Racing Victoria ( the Troop has been able to purchase and install a purpose constructed metal roundyard with sand surface. This will make the retraining and educating of Troop horses, and their acquainting with riders, so much easier and safer. A huge thanks to all the members who gave up their time over the past few weekends to prepare the area and erect the roundyard.

Round yard 1

Round yard 2

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