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A busy 2014 (so far)

The troop has had a busy start to the year with a huge number of events all across Victoria including; parades, displays, attendance at services and of course the regular troop training days. In the first 5 Months of this year we have had no less than 26 main events as well as 8 training days which included;

Bacchus Marsh ANZAC Day Parade and Service   

Ballan Autumn Festival Parade        

Ballarat – Begonia Festival Parade

Ballarat Grammar ANZAC Service

Ballarat Special School ANZAC Day Service

Creswick ANZAC Day Parade and Service      

Creswick Australia Day Ceremony

Creswick RSL Jeff McMillan Memorial Golf Day         

Dennington ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Epping ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Fawkner Cemetery ‘Poppy Launch’ and Service

Hamilton ANZAC Day Parade and Service  

Maldon Masonic Lodge – ANZAC Memorial Service

Mansfield ANZAC Day Parade and March    

Meerlieu Primary School ANZAC Day Service       

Melbourne ANZAC Parade – Shrine / City of Melbourne

Melbourne Reserve Forces Day Parade and Service (Shrine of Remembrance)

Melbourne Boer War Day Parade and Service (Shrine of Remembrance)

Melton Tabcorp Park – ANZAC Day Race Meeting

Millgrove Dawn Service

Seymour Military History Weekend – Light Horse Park, Seymour

Warrnambool Dawn Service

Warrnambool Main ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Whittlesea ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Yarra Junction ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Yendon Historical Society Rededication of Avenue of Honour

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Fawkner Memorial Park – March 30th 2014

On Sunday 30th March 2014 the Troop attended the launch of the Commemorative Poppy Tile which can be placed at the headstones of those who have served. Details of the tile can be found at

The foot soldiers and mounted Troopers put on a magnificent display that was appreciated by all who attended.



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Ballan Harvest Festival – March 23rd 2014.

For the second year running the Troop attended the Ballan Harvest Festival held on the 23rd March 2014. This event is great as a practice run for upcoming events, but it would be nice if the stallholders and stands weren’t quite so close to the parade route!!!


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Ballarat Begonia Festival – March 10th 2014

On Monday 10th March 2014 the Troop attended the Ballarat Begonia Festival for the first time in several years. I am afraid I didn’t get a write up of the event, but here are some pictures! ?



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Training Days

A huge thank you to all who have been attending the training days at Gary’s place (held on alternate Sundays). The horse are really benefitting from the extra work and training.CLH_New6

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Firearm Training Day 31st August 2013

Gary Chandler (with the assistance of Mark Campbell) put on a Firearm Training Day at the Big Game Shooters Clubhouse at the SSAA Shooting Range in Little River. The event was specifically aimed at Reenactors and was attended by members of the Creswick RSL Light Horse Troop, the Australian Great War Association and the Ballarat Living History Federation. The morning was spent undergoing a training course for those who wished to apply for their Longarm or Handgun Licences. After lunch the fun began, with participants able to test fire a selection of handguns (from WW1 to modern), Lee Enfield .303s and Black Powder Muzzle Loaders. A good time was had by all and it is hoped that more of these collaborative events may be held in the future.

sept 1

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Vale Miserable :(

It is with great sadness that we recently had to say goodbye to Miserable. Had had been a valued Troop horse for a long time and will be sadly missed. He is probably running wild in heaven, with St Peter unable to catch him either.

Photo 4

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Reserve Forces Day Parade, 7th July 2013

Once we had sorted out which banner went where, the day went very smoothly. Luckily, unlike previous years, the weather was glorious- sunny and warm. Also, unlike last year, no-one fell off! Thanks to everyone who braved the early start to come and participate. And also, big thanks to Neil Decker and the rest of our support crew.

Riders:  Martin Godwin, Daves Rees, Matthew Leggot, Mark Campbell, Michael Whitehead, Dawn Manning, Maggie Koene, Jessie Koene, Suzi Koene, Tammy, Keith Day, Jenny Kilbourne.

Walkers: Gary Chandler and Chase Day.

Photo 3

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Ballarat Arms and Militaria Fair, 13-14th July 2013

Once again the Creswick RSL Light Horse Troop had a display at the Ballarat Arms and Militaria Fair. Mark Campbell, Michael Whitehead, Keith Day, Chase Day, Charlie Day, Gary Chandler and others came along and helped to “man” the display. Sadly, none of us thought to take any photographs. :(
Photo 2

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Bacchus Marsh WW1 Centenary Awareness Day

Dave Rees, Keith Day, Chase Day, Charlie Day, Bruce McClean, Faye Threlfall and Geoff Threlfall all attended the commencement ceremonies to kick off the upcoming Centenary Celebrations in Bacchus Marsh. This event in articular focused on the ‘Avenue of Honour’. Dave brought along his impressive collection of WW1 Lighthorse items and the display attracted a lot of interest. The rest spent time mingling with the crowd and adding authentic flavour to the event. We even met former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu.

Photo 1

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