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ANZAC Day Creswick 25 April 2015

What a truly fantastic end to the ANZAC Day season. After a week of parades and events it was finally time to come home to Creswick. The town had already had a parade that day but as the Troop were at events all over Victoria another parade was held in the afternoon just for the Troop so the Town could see its Lighthorse Troop march on ANZAC Day. To the surprise of many in the Troop, the town was packed solid with people waving and cheering. Both sides of the street, for the length of the town, was full of people from all over the State welcoming us home. At the end of the parade we stopped in the town and let people come up to see the horses. Two old boys who had served in the Lighthorse, between the wars, had “escaped” from their retirement home in Colac just so that they could see the Troop march through the town. They asked if we would mind if they could have a photo taken with one of the Troop horses, we naturally obliged by forming the entire troop around them, it made their day and ours too.


Click on photos below to view

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ANZAC Day Melbourne 25 April 2015

As usual a huge parade, this year we had over 30 troopers taking part – full details to follow


Melbourne Parade video link

Melbourne ANZAC Day parade 2015 Creswick RSL LightHorse Troop, ANZAC Day Parade Melbourne. 

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ANZAC Day Maryborough 25 April 2015

A small contingent of Troopers at the Maryborough parade.

One of the highlights was meeting the great grandson and great great granddaughter of an original 4th lighthorseman that was at Beersheba



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ANZAC Day St Arnaud 25 April 2015

The St Arnaud parade saw no less than 3 generations from the one family taking part in this year’s parade!

Troopers Jenny Kilbourne on the right and her daughter Joanne Kilbourne went mounted and Jenny’s grand-daughter, Georgia (Joanne’s daughter) on foot as a nurse. The family also took part in the parade later in the day at Creswick where Jenny rode and Joanne and Georgia formed part of the field ambulance crew.


Click images below for more photos

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ANZAC Day Tyers 25 April 2015

Troop members Matthew Wynne and Jason Hunter on their Walers attending the Tyers ANZAC Day service on behalf of the Waler Horse Society of Australia



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ANZAC Day Epping 25 April 2015

Troop member Michael Whitehead at Epping for the dawn service and parade



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Melbourne MCG ANZAC Eve event 24 April 2015

WOW! What a huge nice this turned out to be. On ANZAC Eve the Troop were given the honour of escorting a torch from the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, through the City, to the MCG where it was handed over to football legend Ron Barassi to light a cauldron for the ANZAC weekend footy. Troop members Alex, Jessie and Hutch rode on to the pitch of the MCG, with Alex carrying the torch, and completed a lap of honour on the hallowed turf. The flame bearers were escorted by over 30 riders as well as nurses and foot soldiers.


Click on images below to view

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Tabcorp racing ANZAC Eve event 24th April 2015

Troop Sergeant Dean Lewis at the Tabcorp racing event on ANZAC Eve



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Ballarat Grammar School 23rd April 2015

The Troop attended an event in the beautiful grounds of the Ballarat Grammar School in the lead up to ANZAC Day.

Full details to follow



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Pre ANZAC Day Media April 2015

LANDLINE (The Country’s Toll) Reporter Tim Lee

Full report

Click on video image below to play

Other Media Links

Buninyong Primary ANZAC WIN News Run up to ANZAC Day – Western Victorian primary schools have planted Gallipoli Oak Trees to mark the Anzac Centenary.

Light Horse TroopWIN News – Thirty riders from the Creswick Light Horse Troop will trot into the MCG tomorrow night to play a unique role in the lead up to ANZAC Day.


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BBC Documentary Kingston April 2015

The Troop were invited to take part in a documentary about ANZAC Day which was shown on ANZAC eve in the UK.

More details to follow

Click on photos below to view

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Bacchus Marsh ANZAC Parade 19th April 2015

The Troop were back again at Bacchus Marsh for the now regular ANZAC Day march. We had a huge turn out of both riders, nurses and foot soldiers.

details to follow


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Keilor East Parade 19th April 2015

Pre ANZAC Day parade at Keilor East RSL, full details to follow




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Stonnington 19th April 2015

Pre ANZAC Day parade at Stonnington

Pictures and details to follow

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Daylesford Saturday 11th April 2015

The Troop had a great time in Daylesford for a twilight march around the town.



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Sandringham Lodge, Unknown Soldier- 2nd April 2015


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Ballan Autumn Festival- 22nd March 2015

This event is always interesting, with the crowd and the stallholders right up against the parade route.

There were several new members who brought their horses along for their first parade, and they and their horses did fantastically well. Once again the Troop both led and finished the parade (we went around the route twice) and we were very well received by the spectators.



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Military Heritage Weekend, Seymour- 14th March 2015

G. Chandler, A. Chandler, J. Koene, M. Whitehead, M. Campbell, M. Leggitt, B. Heaphy, Greta, D. Rees, B. Rees, T. Rogan, L. Rogan, C. Day, K. Day, F. Threlfall, G. Threlfall, D. MacGuire, D. Hutchinson, L. Freeman, B. McClean, J. Kilbourne, J. Howley attended.

Led by a very impressive police escort, the Troop rode through the streets of the town and then formed up in Troop Line at Kings Park. After photos were taken the Troop did some drill work around the grounds and then broke up into smaller groups to ride around and talk to members of the public or participate in a Skill At Arms Display.

Sadly, the public turnout was rather less than in previous years but it was still a good experience for the horses. In the evening Troop members either braved the wasps to sit around the “camp”, or watched Beneath Hill 60 at the Outdoor (moved Indoor after fierce winds blew down the screen) Cinema.

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Opening of ANZAC Memorial, Emerald- 11th March 2015

M. Whiteheadand D. Hutchinson attended the opening of the new ANZAC Walk by Sir. Peter Cosgrove. It was a big affair with thousands of people, many of whom were in period costume (including the AGWA folk), Puffing Billy, flyovers by the Roulettes and a restored Mustang Fighter.


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Avalon Air Show, 27th February to 1st March 2015

M. Poutney, B,. McClean, M. Whitehead, M. Campbell, L Freeman, D. McGuire, L. Coleman, C. Coleman, F. Threlfall.

The Troop attended unmounted to support AGWA. It was a really well run event and the participants really enjoyed themselves with lots of things going on. Of particular amusement were the re-spawning Turks. There were blood capsules to make injuries look more realistic and stretcher bearers carried casualties to ‘Lemnos’ where they were cared for by nurses.

The Vickers machine gun was also a real thrill for those who got to fire it and the flyover by WW1 aircraft added to the realism. There was really good public feedback and the Troop members fitted in really well with the AGWA people. (photos by Lisa Coleman).


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National Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Festival, Werribbe, 21-22nd February

G. Chandler, A. Chandler, M. Whitehead, D. Hutchinson, B. Heaphy, Greta, D. Rees, C. Fawcett, D. Azzopardi, T. Rogan, L. Rogan, J. Koene, M. Campbell, A. Waldie, L. Freeman, L. Koene, L. Coleman, G. Coleman, F. Threlfall, G. Threlfall and Liam made the trip down to Werribee for the Heavy Horse Festival.

The Troop rode around in half sections and Alex did a tent pegging display. Once again we were very well received.


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Yaloak Polo Club, 15th February 2015

G. Chander, A. Chandler, B. McClean, M. Campbell, C. Day, K. Day, B. Heaphy, R. Webber, N. Shanahan, J. Koene, T. Rogan, A. Stewart, D. Hutchinson, M. Pountney, F. Threlfall, G. Threlfall, Liam, D. Rees, B. Rees, M. Koene, D. Manning, L. Coleman, G. Coleman, and L. Rogan all attended on a VERY hot day indeed.

The Troop formed up into half sections and paraded around the perimeter of the polo field and then formed Troop line in front of the marquees. The people there were very receptive and passing the hat around was also lucrative!

In addition Dave Reeds brought along his Light Horse collection and put up a very good static display/information booth.  (photos by Lisa Coleman)



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Australia Day Parade, Melbourne, 25th January

R. Webber, C. Day, K. Day, A. Chandler, L. Maddin, J. Koene, T. Rogan, L. Rogan, M. Whitehead, B. Heaphy, Greta, K. Smith, A. Waldie, L. Haughie, M. Leggitt, B. McClean, J. Howley, D. Azzopardi, J. Maddin, N. Shanahan, D. Hutchinson, D. Manning, C. Fawcett, L. Koene, E. Koene, M. Koene, A. Stewart, M. Poutney, N. Decker, G.Threlfall, D. McGuire and our AGWA  Colleagues  all  participated  in  a  parade  down  Swanston  Street.

The  Troop  rode  out  from  the  Girls  School  and  mustered up the side of Little Collins Street. We then rode down Swanston Street and St. Kilda road to the Shire in front of THOUSANDS of people.

The atmosphere was incredible and the riders, marchers, horse?handlers and poop?picker?uppers did a great job!

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Michael & Winifred honour 3rd Lighthorse

January, 1915, the 3rd Light Horse Brigade paraded through the streets of Melbourne. See a clip of the historical footage on YouTube.

100 years later, Michael Whitehead, part of the Creswick Light Horse Troop, re-enacted the route the brigade took on his own horse, Winifred, in honour of the men and their horses who served so long ago. Michael started his journey at 11am at the end of Spencer street and made his way up to Collins St and then on to ANZAC house.



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Our thanks to Harness Racing Victoria

With the assistance of a grant from Harness Racing Victoria ( the Troop has been able to purchase and install a purpose constructed metal roundyard with sand surface. This will make the retraining and educating of Troop horses, and their acquainting with riders, so much easier and safer. A huge thanks to all the members who gave up their time over the past few weekends to prepare the area and erect the roundyard.

Round yard 1

Round yard 2

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Torquay High Tide Festival “Hoofprints in the Sand”, 6th December 2014

The organisers had asked for Walers and Lighthorsemen to attend the event as this year’s theme was “Hoofprints on the Sand” and focused on the men of the Australian Light horse leaving the shores of Australia to fight overseas. CLH members Chase Day, Keith Day, Brendan Heaphy, Rob Powell and Mark Poutney attended along with Troop horse, Smokey, and Walers Jamiesun, Cracker and Royston. The weather was terrible, very windy and quite cold. The horses were quite unnerved by the windy conditions and the kite surfers. But, with admirable fortitude the group honoured their commitments staying through the day and introducing the evening performance (with its bizarre dancers and very unnerving horse puppet).



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Kilmore Agricultural Society Show, 6th December 2014

Tom Rogan, Lorna Gillies, Alex Chandler, Jessie Koene, Dean McGuire, David Hutchinson, Nikki Shanahan, David Hutchinson, John, Judy, Matt Leggett, Dave Rees, Bruce McClean, Michael Whitehead, Mark Campbell and Ellie Wallace went to provide a bit of Light Horse colour for Kilmore Show. Dave Rees brought up his collection of Light Horse equipment which attracted a lot of attention. In addition, the Troop paraded up and down the main straight of the track and Alex Chandler and “Boze” did a Tentpegging display. The Troop also formed a Troop Line in front of the main grandstand to enable photo opportunities.



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Equitana, Melbourne, 20th November 2014

The well known Horse Expo “Equitana” came to Melbourne in November 2014 for 4 days. On the 20th November, CLH Members Chase Day and Matthew Wynne were there with the Waler Horse Society. As part of the event, Matthew presented his Waler “Warhorse” in Light Horse gear. A very moving part of the demonstration was when Matthew lay Warhorse down, in moving tribute to the incredible bond many men had with their horses. This was very well received by the audience and many visited our stand to talk about the Light Horse and the Walers that carried them.



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Nagambie, 15th November 2014

Mark Poutney, Mark Campbell, Faye Threlfall, Geoff Threlfall, Ellie Wallace, Lea Freeman, Tom Rogan, Lorna Gillies, Dean McGuire, Alex Chandler, Gary Chandler, Kelly Smith, Nikki Shanahan, David Hutchinson, Matt Leggett, Bruce McClean, Brendan Heaphy, Al, Michael Whitehead, Judy and John all made the long trek up to Nagambie to participate in a parade and service the RSL we holding. Everything went well despite the changes in starting time, starting place and the rather long service. The Troop members were very well received by the members of the public, members of the Armed Forces and the organizers. Even the Mayor of Nagambie took a selfie with some of the Troop! The Troop led the Parade with a Colour Party and provided a catafalque party during the ceremony while the mounted Troop members stood to.



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Northern Territory, 11th November 2014

Tuesday 11th November, the Upper Primary Class from Pine Creek School, travelled to Adelaide River War Cemetery their teachers and Creswick Light Horse member Mr Barry Burroughs, who works at the school, to participate in the Remembrance Day service.


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Unknown Soldier, Golden Corinthian Lodge, Bendigo, 11th November 2014

Mark Pountney, Ed Koene, Lea Freeman, Dean McGuire, Gary Chandler and Suzi Koene traveled to Bendigo to participate in the Unknown Ceremony as part of the Lodge’s Remembrance Day ceremonies. It was a good ceremony and very well received by the audience. As a result of its success the Troop has received a request to do the same at Sandringham Lodge in April 2015.

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“Answering the Call”, Castlemaine- October 19th

This event was un-mounted but involved trains!!!!  Members of the Creswick RSL Light Horse Troop and the Australian great War Association (AGWA) were called on to re-enact the departure of troops from Central Victoria at Castlemaine and Maldon.  (photo credits: Keith Day and Rob Powell)




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Great War Centenary Celebrations, Bacchus Marsh – September 7th

A recreation of a recruiting station was set up and there was a parade down the main street (photo credits: Tania Dudzik).



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A busy 2014 (so far)

The troop has had a busy start to the year with a huge number of events all across Victoria including; parades, displays, attendance at services and of course the regular troop training days. In the first 5 Months of this year we have had no less than 26 main events as well as 8 training days which included;

Bacchus Marsh ANZAC Day Parade and Service   

Ballan Autumn Festival Parade        

Ballarat – Begonia Festival Parade

Ballarat Grammar ANZAC Service

Ballarat Special School ANZAC Day Service

Creswick ANZAC Day Parade and Service      

Creswick Australia Day Ceremony

Creswick RSL Jeff McMillan Memorial Golf Day         

Dennington ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Epping ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Fawkner Cemetery ‘Poppy Launch’ and Service

Hamilton ANZAC Day Parade and Service  

Maldon Masonic Lodge – ANZAC Memorial Service

Mansfield ANZAC Day Parade and March    

Meerlieu Primary School ANZAC Day Service       

Melbourne ANZAC Parade – Shrine / City of Melbourne

Melbourne Reserve Forces Day Parade and Service (Shrine of Remembrance)

Melbourne Boer War Day Parade and Service (Shrine of Remembrance)

Melton Tabcorp Park – ANZAC Day Race Meeting

Millgrove Dawn Service

Seymour Military History Weekend – Light Horse Park, Seymour

Warrnambool Dawn Service

Warrnambool Main ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Whittlesea ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Yarra Junction ANZAC Day Parade and Service

Yendon Historical Society Rededication of Avenue of Honour

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Fawkner Memorial Park – March 30th 2014

On Sunday 30th March 2014 the Troop attended the launch of the Commemorative Poppy Tile which can be placed at the headstones of those who have served. Details of the tile can be found at

The foot soldiers and mounted Troopers put on a magnificent display that was appreciated by all who attended.



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Ballan Harvest Festival – March 23rd 2014.

For the second year running the Troop attended the Ballan Harvest Festival held on the 23rd March 2014. This event is great as a practice run for upcoming events, but it would be nice if the stallholders and stands weren’t quite so close to the parade route!!!


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Ballarat Begonia Festival – March 10th 2014

On Monday 10th March 2014 the Troop attended the Ballarat Begonia Festival for the first time in several years. I am afraid I didn’t get a write up of the event, but here are some pictures! ?



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Training Days

A huge thank you to all who have been attending the training days at Gary’s place (held on alternate Sundays). The horse are really benefitting from the extra work and training.CLH_New6

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Firearm Training Day 31st August 2013

Gary Chandler (with the assistance of Mark Campbell) put on a Firearm Training Day at the Big Game Shooters Clubhouse at the SSAA Shooting Range in Little River. The event was specifically aimed at Reenactors and was attended by members of the Creswick RSL Light Horse Troop, the Australian Great War Association and the Ballarat Living History Federation. The morning was spent undergoing a training course for those who wished to apply for their Longarm or Handgun Licences. After lunch the fun began, with participants able to test fire a selection of handguns (from WW1 to modern), Lee Enfield .303s and Black Powder Muzzle Loaders. A good time was had by all and it is hoped that more of these collaborative events may be held in the future.

sept 1

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Vale Miserable :(

It is with great sadness that we recently had to say goodbye to Miserable. Had had been a valued Troop horse for a long time and will be sadly missed. He is probably running wild in heaven, with St Peter unable to catch him either.

Photo 4

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Reserve Forces Day Parade, 7th July 2013

Once we had sorted out which banner went where, the day went very smoothly. Luckily, unlike previous years, the weather was glorious- sunny and warm. Also, unlike last year, no-one fell off! Thanks to everyone who braved the early start to come and participate. And also, big thanks to Neil Decker and the rest of our support crew.

Riders:  Martin Godwin, Daves Rees, Matthew Leggot, Mark Campbell, Michael Whitehead, Dawn Manning, Maggie Koene, Jessie Koene, Suzi Koene, Tammy, Keith Day, Jenny Kilbourne.

Walkers: Gary Chandler and Chase Day.

Photo 3

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Ballarat Arms and Militaria Fair, 13-14th July 2013

Once again the Creswick RSL Light Horse Troop had a display at the Ballarat Arms and Militaria Fair. Mark Campbell, Michael Whitehead, Keith Day, Chase Day, Charlie Day, Gary Chandler and others came along and helped to “man” the display. Sadly, none of us thought to take any photographs. :(
Photo 2

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Bacchus Marsh WW1 Centenary Awareness Day

Dave Rees, Keith Day, Chase Day, Charlie Day, Bruce McClean, Faye Threlfall and Geoff Threlfall all attended the commencement ceremonies to kick off the upcoming Centenary Celebrations in Bacchus Marsh. This event in articular focused on the ‘Avenue of Honour’. Dave brought along his impressive collection of WW1 Lighthorse items and the display attracted a lot of interest. The rest spent time mingling with the crowd and adding authentic flavour to the event. We even met former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu.

Photo 1

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Boer War Day, Melbourne, 26th May 2013

Mark Campbell, Jessie Koene, Matthew Leggot, Lynne Koene, Dave Reese (& son), Michael Whitehead, Chase Day, Bruce McClean, Dawn Manning, Maggie Koene and Ruth Lawrence all made the early start to attend the Boer War Commemoration Service at the Shrine in Melbourne. The parade went well, but the horses were a little fractious during the service. The traditional cannon fire also added some excitement to the proceedings as well.


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Ballarat Specialist School, 26th April 2013

Suzi Koene, Alex Chandler, Gary Chandler, Eddie Koene, Ashleigh Thomas, Aiden and Dawn Manning attended a post ANZAC Day ceremony at the Ballarat Specialist School. A highlight was Suzi playing the trumpet. The kids absolutely loved it and we merited a lovely mention in the school newsletter.


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Tabcorp Park, Melton, 26th April 2013

We were very honoured to receive an invitation from Tabcorp Park to take a couple of horses along to their evening Race Meet on the Friday after ANZAC Day. Dean Lewis, Alex Chandler and Gary Chandler attended. Gary did an interview with the course announcer which would have been broadcast on the Racing Channel. Meanwhile, Alex and Dean enjoyed riding around the racetrack. The Troop have a long association with the Standardbred breed and it would be good to have an ongoing relationship with HRV and TabCorp Park. This was a good start.


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Melbourne ANZAC Day Parade, 25th April 2013

Mark Campbell, Dean Lewis, Jayne Howley, Jenny Kilbourn and David Rees made the long (and early) trip down to Melbourne to ride in the ANZAC Day Parade. The event went well with the horses behaving themselves. There was some confusion with the organisers as to where the horses were supposed to fit into the parade, but then Barry Ingram stepped in and sorted it out and they were placed near the 4/19th Association.


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Willaura ANZAC Day Parade, 25th April 2013

Tim Chamberlain and Wayne Rigg attended the ANZAC Day parade in Willaura. The horses were very well received and greatly enjoyed by the spectators, and the organisers would be interested in having Troop members in attendance in the future.

In addition, some really great photos were obtained.


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Creswick ANZAC Day Parade, 25th April 2013

The Troop attended two functions in Creswick on ANZAC Day- the first was the dawn service on foot (attended by Lachlan Thomas, Gary Chandler, Jordan Thomas, Jessie Koene, Terese Binns and Alex Chandler)  and then later the Troop rode in the ANZAC Day march up the high street and then lined up during the main service. Afterwards, members of the public were encouraged to come up and pat the horses. The following were in the parade:

On foot- Molly, Suzi Koene, Lachlan Thomas, Renee and Gary Chandler

Mounted- Alex Chandler, Ryan Decker, Maggie Koene, Jessie Koene, Lynn Koene, Ashleigh Thomas, Aidan, Keith Day, Terese Binns, Di Smith, Dawn Manning, Jordan Thomas, Ruth and Matthew Myers


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Bacchus Marsh ANZAC Day Parade 21st April 2013

Riders: Barry Ingram, Alex Chandler, Matthew Myers, Terese Binns, Dawn Manning, Maggie Koene, David Rees, Lyn Koene, Aiden, Bruce McClean, Dean Lewis, Jayne Howley, Ashleigh Thomas, Ryan Decker, Dianne Smith, Mark Campbell, Keith Day and Jenny Kilbourne

On Foot: Renee, Dean McGuire, Chase Day, Charlie Day, Martin Godwin, Gary Chandler and- of course- Hugo!!!

Helpers were : Jessie Koene (on Foot), Neil Decker (Pooper Trooper), Ardyn Decker (photographs and moral support) and Jenny Rees.

As always, the RSL took great care of us- with the drinks and nibbles appreciated after the march. It was also a real treat to have Barry ride with us, he looked like he was having a good time too.


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